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  1. Attached find photos of Invasive Island Apple Snails that have been taken out of Lake Alice recently by Ben and Brenda Rider, Melissa Perkins and Jim Nohava.  Last night (4/28/2018) Ben, Brenda, Melissa and Jim removed 33 live snails from Lake Alice.  Some from their property and others via boat out in the lake.  These all have been caught at night using flashlight or spotlights.  Hence if you see flashlights out there it is probably people looking for and removing the snails.  The snails appear to be active at night and are fairly easily spotted and scooped up with a net.   We have then been leaving the snails out in 5 gallon buckets on our shorelines and the raccoons eat the snails. Melissa Perkins then uses the empty shells to paint and create beautiful pieces of art.  All Lake Alice Property Owners need to be part of efforts to remove the snails and crush, scrape and remove the pink egg masses before they hatch into more snails.  All of this has been recommended by Jennifer Bernatis, FWC Scientist and Apple Snail Expert.  These snails are decimating our submerged lake aquatic vegetation that filters our water keeping it clear.  Melissa Perkins has been attempting to organize efforts to systematically remove these snails, eggs and assist property owners that need assistance.  We all need to take part in these efforts to restore and keep our beautiful lake into one of the clearest in Florida.


    Ben Rider

    Bucket of snails.JPG

    Bunch of snails.JPG

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